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An effective and attractive website is essential to achieving a success in digital and online marketing. There’s no point driving people to a website that’s out of date and cannot support your campaign. We design and build websites that are optimised for SEO or PPC campaigns; enabling you to get the best results from your marketing spend.

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If you don’t have a website, we will work with you to design and build a site to create customer impact and drive new business. All our websites consider SEO from the outset, not as an after-thought. We build accessible, easy to use websites that Google loves and wants to list in their search results.

WordPress is our preferred platform for web design and development. It’s widely regarded in the industry as the best software to optimise sites for search. Clients have freedom of choice between bespoke or off-the-shelf templates. Google Analytics is built in as standard, allowing you to track the success of marketing activity. Website hosting and back ups can also be provided.

All our sites are bespoke, built to your own specification, and fully optimised for Google search. Our team carries out careful keyword research, which is integrated into your site enabling it to be found.

Website development

Old websites may restrict the level of success you can achieve through digital marketing. Some websites will have a cap on how far they can be developed.

If you’ve taken your website to the limit and it’s no longer working for your business, we can update it and replace it with a fresh new one to increase marketing opportunities.

At the start of our business relationship, we’ll carry out a review of your current business website. If we believe your website is not at the right stage to drive a successful digital marketing campaign, we’ll be honest and recommend the necessary changes. We won’t agree to any chargeable campaign activity if your website isn’t in the right state to support this.

Getting your website right is a bit like rewiring a house. It’s important to get the basics in place before you plaster and decorate the walls. Ignoring faulty wiring could lead to trouble in future.

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Your website is yours to keep

A lot of web design agencies retain control over your site, charging you admin fees to maintain and update it. We don’t.

Ours is a flexible service that’s different to other agencies. With all our website development, our clients enjoy the freedom of being able to manage and update their own site. Once it’s built and optimised for SEO, we handover full control to your site. Most of our clients enjoy having this peace of mind and the ability to update information as they please. If you’d prefer someone else to do this and would like to talk to us about on-going website management, please contact us.

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